Teen Wolf : New Supernatural Show On My Radar

I've only recently started to watch Teen Wolf and I've gone through the first season quite fast since it's only 12 episodes. Anyway season 2 is starting in like a week and since lately all the shows I watch are throwing finales at my face I thought I'd talk about Teen Wolf's finale. So this is a year late but I don't care.

Basically the episode starts with his girlfriend finding out he's a werewolf. He's been trying to hide it since the beginning, he finally decided to tell her but her daddy took care of that.

I actually like Allison. She's not exactly strong but she's not weak either and she doesn't want to be. She seems naive, kinda like all young female characters on supernatural shows but not in a frustrating kind of way like "Oh my god you are so stupid, it's a wonder you even figured out how to stand on your own two feet !"

On the contrary, Scott just doesn't do it for me. He's a child. It's actually realistic, I mean I don't think a kid his age would stay cool and controlled in his situation but this is television for god's sake ! I want to believe that all teenagers are ripped like he is. I want to believe that they are strong and fearless. He's too susceptible and emotive for me.

Anyway, when they were thinking about each other at exactly the right time (yes this show is full of clichés like that) he actually managed to think about his (sorta) friend who's been held prisoner for like 3 episodes and figured out he could find out where he is by getting him to howl. Smart. But not very discrete. If he can hear it, so can the alpha (the bad guy).

Scott managed to rescue Derek but then, for some reason, Allison and her bitchy aunt were there and shooting at them. But then Allison's father arrived ready to set things right. And that involved pointing a gun at his sister (the bitch).

That was fun for a while, but what was better was when the alpha started to screw with her for killing his entire family and putting him in a coma for 6 years. 

Sadly he died. I was expecting it but not quite yet. I mean we finally found out who he was 4 episodes before the end of the season, he was the guy everyone was afraid of and now what he's just gone ? After 4 episodes ? Oh and Derek killed him. So now Derek's the bad guy. I could like Derek. I want to like Derek. But he's creepy in a ridiculous way. He's the cliché of the mysterious guy who seems bad but isn't but sometimes he's fun ! I want more of that !

 The only character I like 100% is Stiles Stilinski. He's funny ! He's the one character I'm happy to see when he walks into the room. Dylan O'Brien looks a little too much like Justin Bieber but he doesn't piss me off as much. In the end, Teen Wolf is not a thrill to watch but if you have 40 minutes to kill it's nice. It's not the new Vampire Diaries but it's a lot better than The Secret Circle. That's my new scale in terms of supernatural shows. It didn't get cancelled after the first season but it's not full of hot guys and/or thrilling moments. Like I said, if you have time to kill ..

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