The Vampire Diaries Finale : The Departed

There was a lot of deaths in this episode. I'll talk about Caroline and Tyler a little later because I think they deserve their own post. But last Thursday we also lost two great characters.

Like I said, Alaric basically died because Elena made the wrong choice. But before he died he had time to do what he wanted, well part of it. Evil Alaric tried to influence baby bro and of course he succeeded because Jeremy Gilbert is so freaking stupid.

So he came running to his stupid (only) friend and they came up with the brilliant idea to tell Alaric where Damon went with Klaus's body (that was part of the whole group's plan) and then kidnap Elena when nobody was there (that was not).

 I don't think I really understood their plan. Why did they send Alaric to the one place he shouldn't ever go ? And why were Stefan and Jeremy just standing in the woods ?This whole thing is beyond me.

All this to say, The Big Bad Klaus is dead. Alaric staked him and he burned. It was a good twist but ... Klaus in his Joseph Morgan form is dead. So long my friend, you'll be missed. Also, as much as I love Tyler and Caroline together I have to say I'm a little disappointed we won't get to see the whole Klaus-Caroline thing evolve and maybe progress with Joseph Morgan. I mean it still could, since Klaus is now in Tyler's body but that might be weird ...

I don't know where was Kol but he wasn't there ... I doubt he's still in Denver, considering Jeremy is not, but he didn't show up when his brother died, so I'm guessing he fled when Alaric went crazy. So there was only Rebekah and Elijah left. And they were sad and they looked like puppies. In a good way.

Back to Alaric. I do not approve of Alaric dying. At all. Even if it made a good scene. I don't care. I didn't want him to die. He did. I'm not happy.

But he came back to say goodbye to Jeremy in ghost form. And that raised yet another question. Is he going to do that in season 4 ? I don't think I want that. I think a clean break might be better than having him around but not really there and only talking to Jeremy whom we have enough of.

Anyway, we had to say goodbye to many great characters last week. It's still too soon to know how this void will feel next season, I trust the writers of the Vampire Diaries. Every time someone dies, it looks like it was the one character they couldn't possibly kill but we've managed without Anna, Jenna, Uncle John and others. I guess we'll have to do without Alaric. 'Till next season. How on earth am I gonna wait ?

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