Game Of Thrones : Oh, The Lannisters ...

God, this show is so frustrating I want to talk about everything that happened in the last episode ! Arya, Gendry and Piggy boy escaped, Bran and his little brother are still alive (granted I was expecting that one but still !), Theon was pushed around by his sister and obnoxious Robb got some sympathy sex for imprisoning his mommy like, okay, whatever ...

But what I care about most, as always, is the Lannisters.

 Oh Joffrey, how I have missed you, the psychotic edge you put to that smile, your constantly trying to prove you're strong and fearless when really you're not ... All of you Joffrey, I've missed all of you !

"I'll give him a red smile" uh, sure dude, whatever you say ... He's so pathetic when he tries to be ruthless but it is so fun to watch ! Honestly, even if right now he's ridiculous, I think that with fifteen more years a guy that creepy could really become a feared and respected king. But for some reason I don't think we'll ever get to see him as more than he is now.

Cersei is a bitch. We already knew she was stronger and braver than her son, mostly because she's more experienced, but we hadn't really seen this cruel side yet.

Oh Tyrion ... My hero. He's the best character of this show and Peter Dinklage is simply amazing.

So Cersei found "his" whore. Actually it was the other one. I still don't know her name, but poor girl. She never should have left Winterfell, all this crap just keeps happening to her ... Anyway Tyrion acted as if she was his lover, and Cersei had her revenge.

After threatening Cersei, Tyrion ran to his real love, Shae. It was such a sweet moment. I'm gonna sound like a girly little girl but it was so adorable. I love Tyrion, we've established that, and I love that he's funny and cynical, but there's also this extremely fragile side of him that we've only seen when he was with Shae and it is just heartbreaking. Without her he'd be completely lost. He'd probably kill hir sister if she ever harmed her.

Yes she is yours, please be happy !

Gone but never forgotten, Jaime Lannister. Boy, did I miss you !

Since he was made a prisoner by Robb the faggety fagget, we didn't see much of him. But thanks to Robb's insufferable mother he's free ! And I cannot wait to see more of him.
"Has anyone ever told you you are as boring as you are ugly ?" I mean come on ! Who says that ? Welcome back Jaime, I do hope we'll be hearing from you very soon, like tonight for example.

It took me a while to write about last week's episode because there was so much I wanted to talk about it was just so hard to choose ! I still want to talk about Snow with Ygritte's gang, and Theon's struggle for power, but I guess I'll have to save it for a rainy afternoon.

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