The Secret Circle Finale : First And Last One

 Well I just heard something very interesting. That's right, The Secret Circle has been cancelled. So this will be the last post about this show which was either a disappointment or a nice joke. I can't really decide.

So, as always there was some plot about the crystals, and Cassie blindly followed her daddy. They threw the crystals in some lake, then Cassie did her weird I-can-feel-the-magic thing, went into the lake and took out a jellyfish or something.

And the power was overwhelming and it gave her and Diana a mini-orgasm.

Then it turned into a skull. Mission accomplished.

Sadly, Daddy betrayed his daughters and trapped them while he was getting ready to exterminate all witches without Balcoin blood.

When all this was going on, this was going on :

Jake and Melissa found Faye but then they were kidnapped again. The witch hunters started burning them but luckily the parents arrived and saved the day. Meaning that Dawn stopped the fire with the magic she'd just gotten from Charles mother and that dear Charles took the demons. Like, he called out to them and they went up his nose and ears. Goodie !

Meanwhile, at the house of doom, Adam tried to be the hero, but he started burning and for some reason he made a little table move and of course Blackwell noticed and threw him away. Literally. And yes, that made me laugh.

Cassie and Diana were on their own, again. So Cassie decided to kill Diana.

But it was all just a brilliant strategy to get her to activate her dark magic, so that they could get out of their invisible cage and kill their Daddy.

I have often noticed that the actors on this show are always trying to convey strong emotions with extremely disturbing faces. This is the last post about The Secret Circle so I really wanted to share my mixed feelings about those strange facial expressions.

Anyway, everything went back to normal. Faye and Jake kissed.

Jake got a note from his grandpa. Where did it come from ? Who cares, right ?

And Adam wanted to experience the mini-orgasm thing with the skull. You know, normal.

But then, the dreadful sight of four young people with the mark of dark magic, meaning that the four other children of Blackwell were coming to Chance Harbor. Unfortunately, we won't get to see it. Bummer.

Well, I have to say I didn't think they were gonna cancel the show. Okay, it's dull and generic and poorly written and the cast might be the worst ever, but I thought it was gonna be this silly show that no one really cares about but that still got some viewers and fervent followers. But no. Goodbye Secret Circle, you have entertained me for a while, from time to time you made me forget how bored I was by making me laugh with a silly face, or a stupid reply or anything Cassie did or said. But it's over, farewell my friend. Perhaps you'll be missed.

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