The Vampire Diaries : Flashbacks, Bonding, Fighting ... A Back-To-Basics Approach

I didn't know wether I should start with an episode I found great or really dull. I went with great :)
This is the 8th episode of the season 3 of the Vampire Diaries called "Ordinary People". I know it's not the most recent, it aired a few months ago but I felt like talking about it !

First I like that the Original family originally (no pun intended) came from Mystic Falls. And to get the whole life story was also pretty amazing. I mean to actually see them as humans ? I gotta say that was a good idea. And we also got to meet Michael in both past and present day, luckily they started with past Michael which gave us a better look at who he was and his relationship with Klaus.

I can't not talk about those two. Let's get one thing straight, I am a Delena fan although I'm starting to like Stefan, but we'll get to that later ... I liked that little "fighting" thing they did in that scene for the obvious reason : physical contact. But it was also really cute how Elena sucked at it. The whole scene turned out pretty good considering how ridiculous it might sound to have them train (more like fooling around imao) while Alaric's talking and actually trying to work on the photos.

Rebekah is such a sweet character. Sure she's tough and deadly but she's also just a girl. I mean, dammit she joined the cheerleading squad ! In this episode we got to see this adorable, fragile side of her for the first time, and that was important for the rest of the story.

My favourite scene in this episode (no it wasn't Elena and Damon in bed talking like the setting's perfectly normal). The whole bonding-over-drinks thing was actually pretty funny, I didn't expect it to be so it was a nice surprise. Michael pushing Stefan just enough to care about his brother was a good thing, sure, but it was only interesting because it really introduced Michael the heartless vampire hunter. Anyway, that scene outside the bar was brilliant ! Damon suddenly answering seriously, Stefan pushing him to the edge, repeating his line : "Your humanity's showing." I think that scene was really a turning point for the two of them. They both got sick of sarcastic comments, Stefan wanted answers and Damon answered. Then Damon lost it. Just another day in the Salvatore family.

In the end, a very good job from the Vampire Diaries' producers. Well played guys :)

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