Game of Thrones : Uh, Seriously ? Just Like That ?

Well, if anything, this week's episode of Game of Thrones was interesting. Started out with emo time, Robb and his mummy finally have a breakthrough and are able to work together, as family, to bring down their enemies. Awwww.

It's actually not that cute, Robb just realizes she's always right, she's a real strategist, she can think ahead when he can't. He went against her advice once before, and clearly he's better off listening and obeying her every command without question.

But war plans don't really matter. The big event of the episode was Edmure's wedding with one of Walder Frey's daughters or granddaughters, since being of age is clearly not an issue in the GoT world.

Earlier in the season Robb himself was promised to one of the Frey girls. But he decided he couldn't resist the young mouthy nurse's charms and married her in secret. Like, no, screw everybody, I'll do what I want ! Problem is he made an oath. Which he broke. Big deal.

So when the whole family goes to The Twins for the wedding, Walder Frey makes it clear he was offended by the creepiest inspection and complimenting of Robb's pregnant wife's .. attributes. Anyway, Robb makes a nice little speech, a well-written apology if you ask me, and you think everything's gonna be okay because why wouldn't it be ? Right ? Riiiight ?? WROOOONG. Haha what. A. Joke.

 The wedding part was actually kind of cute. Mostly because Edmure's wife isn't a degenerate incest-resulting freak. She is actually quite lovely. And she was all like "I hope I'm not a disappointment." Awwwwwwww baby, no of course you're not, you're so pretty !

I love the face he makes when he sees her. It's adorable because you can see he's happy but his face barely changes. Surprise and relief so very subtly expressed. Nice. It was so sweet.

After the wedding is over, it's time to par-tey !

I'm such a girl. I am just so happy that Edmure's wife is this pretty young and innocent girl. She is adorable. Sigh. Anyway, the night goes on as planned, everybody's having a great time, and I mean everybody. Those moments are so rare on Game of Thrones, you really have to savor them.

But then, Catelyn gets a bad feeling when the "band" (for the life of me I couldn't tell you what they called it) starts playing a sad but sweet melody. There you get that sinking feeling that something is very wrong but you just have no idea what, because there's no way you could possibly imagine what's gonna happen.

A word on Arya. She was so close to getting back to her family. Hey some people are lucky, some aren't. She and the Hound got rejected at the entrance but smart as she is, she snuck in just in time to see her brother's men and wolf (yes, his wolf too) get savagely assassinated. Good times. But then the Hound got her back and out of there.

So back to the conspiracy thing. Suddenly, for like the fourth time, Walder Frey hails Robb. So, naturally, Robb is all trusting and "Yeah bro ? Nice party, what's up ?" And then BAM ! Some dude stabs his wife like 46 times, just to be sure. And archers -freaking archers, start shooting people, like distance execution. I mean I get it, why get your hands dirty, right ?

Robb was shot by like 6 arrows but dude will not go down. He crawls to the corpse of his wife and just stares at her. That kind of sucks, I mean if you want to suddenly kill a whole bunch of major characters at least, show us the pain, the despair, make us feel it. I wanted a goodbye. And if there wasn't a goodbye, I wanted Robb to live and make a moving speech about how he couldn't even say goodbye to her. But no, it's just she's dead, he's just like wtf? and minced fetus for everyone !

I've always disliked Catelyn. First, it was because she didn't like, nay, was repulsed by Jon Snow. Then it was just her. Her personality, everything she said and did, the person she was... Yeah all that.

But in the end, her last moments alive, where the time I liked her the most. The way she just dragged Walder Frey's wife/daughter from under the table and managed to stay practical, like okay we have a situation, we're under attack. Well, attack back. Threaten the son of a bitch, so what if it didn't work ? Not her fault he's a psychotic piece of shit.

But it didn't change anything, they were on enemy territory without even knowing it. They ddidn't stand a chance.

Even the wolf. Kill every single Stark, I'll live. Except for Jon snow, please, please, never kill him. But still, I might get over it, but kill the wolf ? The adorable little baby wolf ? Are you freaking kidding me ?

I am not happy with Game of Thrones. Okay it was a nice episode, I really like where the whole Daenerys thing is going, but seriously ? So the last true heirs to Winterfell are two little boys, a little girl, a teenager and Jon Snow. Yes, for me Jon snow is a Stark. He's Ned Stark's son isn't he ? But still, 2 little boys, one little girl, one teenager and one bastard. What a legacy. Only one episode left, I can't wait to see how they're gonna wrap this up.

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