True Blood : 'Think I Gotta Start A Petition ..

Well, well, the 6th season of True Blood has started, about a few weeks ago, and as far as I'm concerned it's only been getting worse. Let's talk about the first episode. It's really the only one worth talking about, although I have high hopes for the 4th episode. So, let's talk !

In the past 10 months, while we were waiting and waiting and waiting some more, Bill turned into a psychotic freak who hates electricity. This guy.

For those of you who need a little recap', Eric and Sookie watched Bill drink a small bottle of Lilith's blood, and then die. And then come back to life through a puddle of blood. Nice going.

So Bill has become a threat. More specifically, a more powerful threat, actually, the most powerful threat there is.

So Eric and Sookie are running for their lives. Together. And longingly looking at each other, 'cause you know, never hurts.

I am 100% on board with the Eric/Sookie thing. It might be the only reason I'm still watching, actually. I mean nothing's really happened between the two of them since season 4, and I'm still watching, but I live for the little things like the way Eric looks at her. I particularly like that look (below) because it's not a common look. He doesn't look at everyone this way. Only the people he's interested in. His interest comes from the fact that she's not just a damsel in distress, she can fend for herself when needs be.

I could go on and on but you get the point, their characters are perfect for each other.

So they manage to get out of the building with the crazy/crazier version of Bill inside. Get everyone and go.

I love those few minutes in the car : to have all these different and conflicting characters in the same space (and what a space indeed). You got everything : Vampires, humans, vampire-haters, vampire-lovers, vampire lovers (wink wink), Sookie, Eric, Pam, Eric's little sister ... Thank You. That's the kind of True Blood I want to see : stories intertwined, characters that all interact with eachother, confrontation, basically the three-first-seasons-True Blood.

I'm starting to like Nora. Might have something to do with the fact that her plan requires killing Bill (best movie ever). But first she wants to know what Jason knows about Warlow.

 If there is to be a Jason/Nora storyline, I'm totally on board with that ! 

I really don't have much to say about this scene except that I loved it. Nora glamours Jason and that kind of sets him off.

So he starts pointing his gun at her, and when Sookie arrives she gets in the middle. Once again. But it's okay, I liked it.

I would love for those three to become bffs. Really. First, because then, Sookie would have to interact with Eric more than ten minutes per season (that is not an exaggeration, it's actually pretty indulgent), second, because then, Sookie could and would fully realize her badass potential. Also, it would be so much fun.

But back to the episode. When Jessica gets a call from Bill, and it makes her walk all on her own.

And vomit blood if she stops.

Of course Sookie, and her principles lean towards helping Jessica and not leaving her. I could never bring myself to fundamentally dislike Sookie. She's annoying and makes all the wrong life decisions, but in the little decisions, she's good. She knows what's fair, what can and can't be accomplished, what can and can't be done to others. She has an instinct of what needs to be done and she's not delicate about it. Most of the time. Anywho, she says she's going with Jessica with or without Eric's help, to which he responds "Be careful". Awww. Just kidding, but seriously if he didn't care he wouldn't have said that. 

And off they go.

But, of course, Eric wouldn't leave Sookie with a baby vampire to face a mother f*cking vampire god. And when it's not looking good for Eric, Sookie comes to the overconfident vampire's rescue. Which translates into staking Bill. Nice.

But it doesn't work, he's immortal blah blah blah Jessica chooses to stay blah blah the rest of them go, The End, who the hell cares right ?

Now with the good stuff. The "goodbye scene". Sort of. Hopefully not. If Sookie and Eric don't even see each other or have even a remotely common storyline before the end of the season, I'm done.

They talk, and talk and it's a little awkward and mostly pointless, but it's cute that he's walking her home, very season 3.

Blah blah blah you will always be that girl in the white dress thanks you too yeah fun blah.

I am sick and tired of those scenes. Sure they're Eric and Sookie scenes, but they're too frustrating. It's always I want my life back, yeah 'cause I love my normal boring life more than you, I wanna just close my eyes and pretend vampires don't exist and all's right with the world, well guess what ? A freaking biblical vampire is after you because your daddy sold you to him, you are not getting a normal life so just deal with it and learn to appreciate the perks. Like a tall blond sex god who wants you.

And Eric being so adorable and perfect and willing to do what it take to make her existence better, he gives her her house back. Awwww. For real this time.

And the stupid bitch rescinds his invitation in appreciation of what he just did for her.

I wanted a picture of Lafayette in this post because I love him more than life itself, and I wanted that one because it's the moment he offers a little orphan food and hair advice.

I love True Blood, always have, can't say that I always will though. That's up to the producers of True Blood. I am very patient, I have waited almost 2 years to see a good True Blood episode again. I will wait for the next one but please just stop caging your characters in separate, uninteresting storylines. You have created amazing characters and personalities, and renewed existing ones, giving them a path that wasn't originally theirs. All that is nothing but a freaking gold mine. Use it ! Mix them together, make them confront each other, look back, see the confrontations that have worked and use them again ! You have potential, realize it. Stop trying to always be new and inventive, there's a reason the old stuff worked.

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