Teen Wolf : My Little Babies

Ah Teen Wolf, how I've missed you, my guilty pleasure. What would I do without you ? Lately the level of appreciable television has been excruciatingly painfully low. But thank god you're here to show them how it's done.

Episode 4 Unleashed was amazing. My favorite so far. Of course it starts with a dark alley. This dude is looking for his dog. And of course, in the middle of the night, in a town where serial killers seem to feel at ease, the guy is like "Pumpkin ?? Where are you baby ?" Dude, you might as well kill yourself right now. And smart as he is, he looks for his dog under a dumpster, gets bitten by something from an unknown origin and turns around to see his little dog, right behind him (ergo, not under the dumpster), apparently terrified.And what does he do ? Why go back under of course. Well, thank you for your participation.

Now with the people we know and love.

So, everybody's in school, just another normal day at Beacons Hill High (didn't even need to look that up.. I am so addicted). Normal day until they have a little marathon. Competition, Testosterone, Rivalry. Yay ! So they run and run, and the Alpha twins, Aidan and Ethan are in the lead with Isaac right behind them. Poor Isaac catches up to them, but they jump him.

Luckily Scott wasn't far behind. So everyone is bracing for a fight, with all the growling and yellow/red eyes that entails.

But oops, bummer, a dead body. As predicted, it's the idiot with the little dog from the dark alley.

So that's the fourth murder. The first three were virgins. But this one was not. At that point we have three different opinions. 
  1. Isaac's : The twins did it. 
  2. Stiles'(s ?) : Someone else, who's into human sacrifices. 
  3. Scott's : One of the above, that's for sure.

Meanwhile at the house of doom (Derek's upper-class apartment), Cora and her big protective (aww) brother are arguing about whether or not she's up to speed yet. But then, the big bald Alpha guy just barges in, and then, ladies and gentleman, the most nicely executed protective (and yet a little agressive) move of all time.

Cora rushes the guy and he just sweeps her up and uses her momentum to smash her into the ground.


Enters, Deucalion. 

So, for those of you who don't watch Teen Wolf -get off this page and go download it this instant !!!- Deucalion is the Alpha of Alphas. Every pack needs an Alpha, an Alpha pack is no different. And I think Gideon Emery is a perfect choice for the part.

So apparently he's also the "demon wolf", and when he gets carried away, his glasses explode. Nice. Anyway the conclusion to this whole little interview is that Deucalion killed his entire old pack, as did all the Alphas in his pack. And he wants Derek to do the same, absorb his pack's strength and then join the Alpha pack. Let me linger on that simple fact. Deucalion wants Derek to be part of his pack. So yeah, Derek's transformation into an Alpha wasn't exactly smooth, he didn't become a leader right away, "no outstanding leadership qualities" as what's-his-face would have said (I miss him everyday, not a joke) but now he's a "powerful" Alpha, since we're quoting people. And Deucalion, the "demon wolf" is interested in him and wants, nay, needs him to join his pack. Bam. Derek is wanted, even lusted after, and he says no. Because he has principles, and he won't betray and kill his friends. My little Baby ...

What makes this episode amazing, is the action. All the time, almost every single scene either has some action in it or is leading to one that does.

In bio, Isaac's feeling pissed so he "goes to the bathroom". 

Immediately Scott jumps from his chair like "I gotta go the bathroom too !" Riiiiight. Wink wink. I love the science teacher. SPOILER. Loved. "If your bladder suddenly exploded and urine began to pour from every orifice (pause for suspense)  I would still respond : one at a time." Sir, I do not know your name, but well played. You will be missed.

The thing is Isaac's not gonna lose it and fight them, that'd be too simple, too easy for Teen Wolf. No instead Aidan starts hitting his brother, Ethan.

Poor baby doesn't understand.

And then Aidan pushes Ethan who rolls over to where Isaac's standing. And it all becomes clear. Well played. It's just perfect. Perfect timing, perfect idea, perfectly executed. Isaac gets detention. He's pissed. Mission accomplished.

Time for retaliation.

Tyler Posey is pleasurably sweet and innocent, which actually might have been annoying if it weren't for the twins reaction. 

The Carver twins, Max and Charlie, are beyond perfect. They've taken perfect and beat the shit out of it to make it their own. They are perfection made men.

So Scott's showing them some motorcycle parts and then they hear it, their bike, the revving engine. 

It's the first time we see them at a disadvantage and it lets us see that Aidan is the impulsive one, the one who runs out of class to get his freaking bike back, while Ethan is the one that says "Aidan don't !", the smarter one.

Again, great idea, well done, etcetera but a slight advantage for Scott and Isaac because their scam resulted in Aidan's suspension, while Isaac only got detention.

Only problem is they don't respond well to retaliation. They respond best to submission. Too bad.

I love Isaac at that particular moment, and what the hell, Scott too ! "We can take him." Awwwwwww little Baby, no you can't but that was super adorable.

Scott's instincts were correct. They couldn't take "him". Anyway, for some reason Deucalion showed up and "he" suddenly became very accommodating. 

The punishing thing was super creepy. I mean come on guys, have a little respect for yourselves and each other ! Sure it will heal in a second but it must have hurt like a bitch for starters and it's creepy ! They're Alphas and just because some blind dude decides he's the baddest bitch in town they completely submit. They're like his slaves, his to punish and reward as he pleases. Creepy !

Scott's reaction. My thoughts exactly.

To talk about the actual plot (the danger we don't know), at the end of the episode we find out that the big bad this season is a darach, a Celtic druid who's gone rogue, sacrificing people and all. Well, okay. Fine by me. Not that interesting but not boring either and I trust they're already making it more interesting. Anyway, three people died in that episode alone, all warriors of some kind, the second series of three.   

Obviously the next series is supposed to be 3 werewolves, and they were supposed to be Isaac, Scott and Ethan in the motel episode but that failed. Now that's really interesting. Is the darach gonna try again ? Move on the next series ? Is there even a next series ? I don't know, for a dude who likes things in three, 3 series of 3 sacrifices sounds nice, right ? But there has to be something else -isn't there always ?- because if that's just it then we're in a bit of an impasse, wink wink. Unless they kill off 3 other werewolves. It can't be Scott, Isaac, one of the twins, Deucalion nor Derek. That leaves Boyd, Cora, the big bald Alpha and the Alpha chick with freakishly long nails, but I don't think they'd kill off an Alpha. Not right now anyway, and not for the purposes of the darach plot. Or would they ? Or maybe it's not even gonna be werewolves and I should just stop trying to guess what they're doing.

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