Teen Wolf : Love Is a Battlefield

Well, people, Teen Wolf's return is "just" a couple of months away, and I just realized I hadn't finished talking about season 2 ! I'm picking up at episode 10. At this point, we know the creepy dude who almost drowned was the one who controlled the kanima, but Grandpa Argent killed him. Oh, and he's buddies with the kanima.

So, the episode started out kinda gloomy, with a whole 5 minute recap of how crappy things are. Stiles is talking about drowning, to the shrink who's friends with the veterinarian. Anyway she tells him that when you're drowning you should hold on 'til the very last second, quotes Churchill... It's not really interesting, just a way to tell us Stiles' dad got his job back and Scott's mom won't talk to him, now that she found out he's a werewolf. 

 And cue, the actual episode.

Grandpa Argent stops by Scott's house to threaten him into helping him find Derek. Except every other member of the pack is apparently in hiding, so good luck Scotty... 

But then Isaac just pops up at the veterinarian's office. I loved this scene, it was adorable.

So, before Isaac came along, Scott and the doc were examining and petting a super cute little dog. But apparently he smells like cancer, and he's going to die. But the wise doc tells Isaac he has the ability to help.

Isaac takes some of the dog's pain away. And then he starts crying ! Oooh poor baby... Isaac is one of the few characters I genuinely like, which consist of Derek and Stiles, basically. But he can be kind of ridiculous, mostly because he thinks he's so tough and cool, but honestly, it's cute. 

Anyway, Scott is all "Don't worry, I cried too" and I'm sorry, he's just trying to be nice, but it's ridiculous, he's ridiculous, he's the puppy, it's cute, sure, but mostly it's just funny.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww !

Happy faces

After all this emotion, they get down to business. Isaac came to tell Scott the others were leaving tonight during the game, and ask for his advice. Which he didn't give because he's stupid and he has "no idea what he's doing." His words. Those two have become best friends in under 2 episodes, and like almost every other boy-boy friendships on the show, it looks alarmingly similar to a boy-girl relationship. Awwww. Also Isaac also informs Scott that what's his face will be playing in the game that very night.

Okay, so the context is set, now bring on the action.

Such conviction and pride

I'm sorry this shot is useless, but please, look at the other people around Stiles' dad. He just yelled "My son is on the field" after realizing... well that Stiles was in fact on the field. I love those people's faces. The black dude and the one with glasses just look annoyed like "come on man, stop that shit", the lady next to Glasses is seeing God, and the blond on the left is checking out Mister Stilinski's ass. Nice work, people.

Okay, now bring on the action, for real. Grandpa Argent is the cause of all the commotion, as is tradition. He threatens Scott, nice technique by the way, though a little repetitive... If Scott doesn't get him Derek before the last 30 seconds of the game, Jackson will kill someone at the game. 

But of course, one of my favorite characters is always there to save the day. So at this point, it's not even half time, Stiles and Jackson are on the field, Scott isn't allowed to play but Isaac is, and Grandpa Argent is nearby, waiting and staring.

The look of love.

Too little mention of Derek in this post. That's not right. But then again he wasn't anywhere close to the action in this episode. No, he got a surprise visit from the big bad from season 1, which turned into a day-long conversation, with a little fighting.

One day, I'll know your name.

In the entire episode, Derek basically just stood there and looked pissed. Then they fought a little, while talking. Derek is having a lot of problems. First he has the kanima to deal with, then the 2 thirds of the Argent family that want to kill him, and 2 of his pack members just dumped him. He's having doubts about his abilities as an alpha. Tragic, I know.

Back to the game-related action ! Isaac got on the field, and knocked out enough players of his own team for Scott to be allowed to play, but in the process he was attacked by Jackson, so he's about to be completely paralyzed and Grandpa Argent wants to cut him in two. But luckily, his newfound relationship with Scott means that he won't be left behind. Awwwwwwwwwww, he came back to protect his friend. Soooo cheesy, but that's why we love them.  

When all that was happening, the game was still going on. And at some point, by some act of the lord, Stiles turned into the Michael Jordan of Lacrosse. He scores once, then again, offering the victory to his team. The clock ticks, the umpire blows his whistle and the game is over. They won, everybody's cheering, yay, happy faces everywhere !

Aaaaaaand then the lights go out. One by one, until the field is completely dark.

And in the end, the person that got hurt was actually Jackson. Big twist, I gotta say, nice. Everyone rushes to him. Verdict : No breathing, no pulse, a lot of blood, and he did it to himself.

But there's another problem. Stiles is missing, his dad wanders calling out for him, but he's not there and actually, I don't even remember what happened to him. Did Grandpa Argent kidnap him ? Yeah, that was probably it, since he created the whole diversion in the first place. More on that in the final post about the second season.

Wow, I talked about almost everything that happened in this episode. Except, of course, for Alison's I'm-the-baddest-psychotic-bitch-in-town new personality, but who wants to hear about that ? In the end the conversation between Derek and the Big Bad ended on the conclusion that, the only way to solve the kanima problem is to save Jackson, "through his heart", in other words, through Lydia. That's more than enough for an interesting finale.

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