Hart of Dixie : Self-Destructive Wade, You've Done It Again ...

Damn you Self-Destructive Wade ! You suck. I love you and I feel for you but seriously, you need to stop doing stuff like that, it's not healthy !

So in the last episode Wade lost some contest he entered to win money for his bar, he got drunk and left the bar with a woman that wasn't Zoe. But we didn't really know anything, just that he had exited the bar with her ! They might have said good bye when they got outside, there was hope !

So after Zoe hears that Wade wasn't alone when he left, she confronts him. Yeah he was taking a shower at her place, weird ...

He tells her the girl just needed a jump for her car, he was just helping her out and yeah maybe she wanted his body, who wouldn't right ? But nothing happened. Pheeew, collective sigh of relief. Even though he was making weird faces, it's a good story. Believable. And he sold it pretty well, so for a second there I actually had hope that maybe, just maybe, it was all gonna be okay. 

Zoe agreed with me. She was all happy and relieved, splaying her hand across her man's chest. Zoe and Wade sittin' in a tree...

And then BOOM! She leaves and he stares after her. Bad sign.

Then Georges confronts Wade about the girl he saw him leave with. Wade explains, and Georges is like Zoe and me : satisfied and blissfully ignorant. Well my ignorance wasn't exactly blissful since I'm not in the show and therefore not a gullible bitch. Anyway George tells Wade he really is a changed man.

Weird face dude. It's like Adam from the Secret Circle all over again.

 And then BAM! Frome then on it's just an endless series of guilty looks.

And the guilt eats at him, at some point it's unbearable to watch like when he says he wants to tell Zoe something and ends up telling her she's amazing and he's lucky to have her. Poor baby. I know he's the jerk but I feel his guilt and resulting pain seeping out of my screen and into me.

He knows she's the best thing that's ever happened to him and that he just did the thing that would hurt her most. And it's killing him.

Then the most emotionally charged scene of the entire episode. In my opinion, of course. Zoe has agreed to be Wonda's maid of honor, which means she has to take care of Wonda's mom and make sure she comes to the wedding. Which she refuses to attend. The reason she doesn't want to come to her daughter's wedding is because her husband cheated on her years ago and she can't stand to watch her little girl open herself up to that pain. Sure, a bit emotional but not that heart-breaking right ? Right ?

WROOONG ! She tells Zoe the story of how she found out her husband was cheating on her : one night he didn't come home, didn't even call, came up with some lame excuse. Then he was acting "weird, distant" but at the same time "too sweet, too accommodating". The reason this scene is so heartbreaking is simply that you see a heart break, the subtlety of Zoe's understanding is what makes it so strong. It's not a big discovery scene where the chick starts screaming, crying or even breaking things. No she just hears another woman's story, another woman's heartbreak and she knows. In the blink of an eye she's not happily unaware anymore, no more blissful ignorance, the thought gets into her head and she recognizes it for what it is. The pain of knowing this is the truth, not Wade's lie, Tanzie's kindness but this, the fact that she was betrayed and she's just now starting to believe it.

I love Wade, I do but screw him, I love her more. Solidarity, sister !

Anyway after the most awkward of ceremonies, they calmly saunter to a bench to discuss Wade's foul treachery. Yes, just a calm little walk to an excruciatingly quiet breakup scene.

He's tense, he knows she's hurt and he can barely stand to talk without any big burst of emotions, his voice is strained, he tries to explain what the hell went through his head. Basically he's in hell. And she is heartbroken. And he knows it. Hell he probably feels it.

Anyway she talks, quiet as ever, she's sorry she pushed him to be someone he's not, but still what he did is unforgivable. So that's it, 16 episodes after they had sex and only 6 after they officially got together. Well at least, now they'll go back to bickering... Probably. Eventually.

This last picture is just because I really love Lavon, even if I don't talk about him because he's always with people I don't care about like Lemon, or Lemon's bestfriend, or George who just happens to be Lemon's ex. Actually, anything Lemon-related, I fast-forward. But I really do love him and he's a good friend.

So it's over, Zoe and Wade is no more. Please let it come back soon !!

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