Teen Wolf : The Fury Thing

With everything that's been going on I didn't catch up on Teen Wolf ! Well here it comes.

So Scott, Stiles and Stiles' dad were brainstorming about the mysterious killer and how to prove it's that guy that almost drowned. And they got to the conclusion that they needed to see the evidence at the station. So they go and the ex-sheriff manages to get them in. That's where it all goes to crap.


 So they watched the hospital's security footage and noticed that the creepy dude was at the hospital and that he talked to Scott's mom. So they call her and ask her to come in and tell the police what she saw. But creepy dude arrives.

So they're just waiting for Scott's mom while Jackson kills every police officer he sees. See that's the kind of thing I'm gonna miss this year ...

Anyway when all that was happening, Derek was waking up ! And good surprise, he's still the Alpha ! Yay ! The black veterinarian guy who's always there and always knows everything about everything tells him to not trust the big bad from season 1 and to go to Scott.

So he does. Because he's just so damn perfect. And oh the relief for Scott and Stiles.

But it was too good to be true. Or at least too easy. So Derek's paralyzed by the kamina's venom. Crap right ?

And then for some reason Jackson paralyzes Stiles too. So let's recap : Derek and Stiles are out of it, creepy dude is getting pissed, Jackson's just his usual quiet, submissive self, and Scott's mom should arrive any minute : Crap.

When she does arrive, creepy dude shoots Scott in front of her. So she's all "oh my god no let me look at him" but really it's just a bullet, Scott's fine but she doesn't know that. That's kind of a hard night for Scott and it's only gonna get worse.

See, even after they deleted all the evidence that could have led back to creepy dude, he still doesn't want to go because that's not exactly what he came there for. Yeah, his major problem right now is that he's becoming a kanima.

I love the two of them together.

Meanwhile, at the house of doom, The Argents are planning on going to the station to kill Derek.

So they get there, shoot around a little, throw a couple grenade things while Grandpa Argent is being poetic, quoting Shakespeare. I gotta say I kind of liked that "Well, let's give 'em some love" thing.

When Scott's running around trying to find something or someone, who the hell knows, he comes across Grandpa Argent who basically just tells him to go and leave the creepy dude and Jackson to them. In doing so, he's abundantly clear about the little secret deal they have. And Derek hears it all. Awwww poor baby ...

That episode was great, I mean there was action, blood, revelations, conflict, unresolved issues here and there, but it was missing one thing : the big bad. I like that guy, he's fun ! And he only got one scene in that episode and he didn't say a word he just witnessed Grandpa Argent fraternizing with the enemy.

Ha ! There ! I knew it ! I said it before and I was right, there was always something weird between Grandpa Argent and the kamina and there it is ! The creepy hand touching !

I didn't talk about Alison and her sudden I-want-Derek-dead mood, or that Creepy dude was into her, or that she had a weird moment with Scott where she threatened him with a crossbow, or that she's a waste of space because I simply don't care about her ! Same way I don't care about Scott, except worse.
Because I care about Scott as long as he has something to do with Derek whereas Alison just doesn't exist for me. There's still 2 episodes I haven't talked about ! Coming soon ...

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