The Originals : What's The Point, Again ?

  Well, well, well ... So there's this "new" show. It's called the Originals and I have to admit, although I kind of like it, its existence does seem kind of pointless. The pitch is Klaus goes back to New Orleans with his brother and sister to protect his unborn child and start yet another conflict, with an old friend.

  But they soon found out Marcel, the old friend in question, has a dirty little secret, a pretty powerful secret, and at least now, we know just how powerful.

  So Klaus stabbed Elijah and handed him over to Marcel, in like the first 5 minutes of the show, in an effort to gain his trust (Marcel's). His body was stored in Devina's room (Marcel's not-so-secret-anymore weapon) and when he woke up and we got passed all the 'you un-daggered me, yeah I rock you want some blood ?' we actually got a few answers.

  Simultaneously, both Marcel and Sophie Devereaux are telling the story so we have all the pieces of the story. How convenient. So first shocker : an unsuspected relationship. Yep Sophie the witch and Marcel the witch hater (not really but could've fooled me) were together, but not like together together, no, sci-fi show together, a little sex, a little moral support then go home !

  So the whole story is actually really simple. Like 8 months ago, before the ban on the use of magic, the witches were planning on doing a harvest : basically a sacrifice ceremony to get more power. 4 girls were chosen to be (slain) a part of it and Devina was one of them.

Devina's BFF, yeah .. bummer.

  Marcel got word of it through the priest (who happens to be Camille's uncle) and managed to stop it before they killed Devina. He didn't do it for her, he didn't even know her until then but when he saw her, he, like, saw something in her, the most powerful witch in like, uh, the world? Let's settle for city. Yeah wink wink, gotcha. 

  As Devina recounts her story to Elijah, he is moved by her. Well, duh. The girl is Elena. That's the first thing that ticked me off, an innocent girl meant to die as part of a sacrifice in a ritual to gain power, sounds familiar right ? And to make it the exact same story let's have Elijah offer her a deal ! Why, what a good and unheard of idea. So we have Elijah protecting yet another innocent everyone's after. That's not very original but hey what are you gonna do ...


  Luckily, and surprisingly actually, Hayley kind of raises the bar. Sure, she's yet another Elena persona but not as whiny, which is refreshing. But she's just as I'll-do-what-I-want-I'm-coming-with-you-blah-blah-blah which is also good. It's like they took the best parts of Elena, threw away the alarmingly huge pile of crap that composes her personality and gave us Hailey. So props for that.

  For some reason Sophie the witch wants to go to where witches were killed the night before even though Klaus said not to. Rebekah decides to join. Field trip. They get there and oh, surprise, surprise there's a problem. One of Marcel's vampires sees them. So now they need to kill him before he goes to Marcel to tell on them.

  They do, and Marcel's too busy stalling them to get Devina out of the city to even notice they're stalling him. And vice versa. But they get him, they kill him, their secret is protected, Elijah's made his little deal with Devina so it's safe on that front too, and Hayley and Rebekah are apparently best buds now. Wow it's almost beautiful how it all just worked out.

  Elijah finally gets back home to his sister and then there's the second thing that ticked me off, even though it was pretty obvious from the first episode that this was coming. The looks they're giving each other, I mean, could you be more obvious ?!

  So we have been blessed with yet another triangle. I don't know that it's a love triangle, because I'm not getting the feeling that Klaus is gonna fall in love with Hayley, but she is carrying his baby and Elijah on the other hand is obviously going to fall for her, so yeah a triangle of some sort.

  See my point ? Another Elena, another deal, another team good/team bad situation and another triangle. I feel like I've seen all this a million times over. We get it the Vampire Dairies is your baby, get over it. If it's gonna be the exact same show at least mix them together, that would be interesting. The way things are, it's bordering on absurdity, it's like everything that happened in the Vampire Diaries, well, never happened. Klaus seems to have a little thing for Camille the human barmaid, and is still warming up to Hayley, but is Caroline still like, the love of his life ? Elijah and Katherine. Completely over ? 'Cause last time we saw the two of them she was freely giving him the cure and confessing her feelings for him, which were obviously reciprocated.

  And are they even aware that while they're happily playing house, Silas the biggest bad of all time, the guy they spent an entire season trying to kill, is roaming the streets of Mystic Falls ? That Katherine has taken the Cure ? And Stefan, Klaus's best bud has lost his memory ? That last one is kind of a stretch, I can understand why he wouldn't care 'cause honestly, who does ? But I'm getting off topic, this is not called The Vampire Diaries, it's called The Originals. Deal with it. I'd like to feel like I'm not watching the exact same story lines over and over again, I already have the actual Vampire Diaries for that.


  1. Got a question about the photos. Who is that at the top? She looks really familiar but I can't place her. I know I've seen her before, cause it's on the tip of my tongue.

  2. That's Davina, played by Danielle Campbell. Better late than never, sorry that took a while..

  3. Thanks. I thought it was somebody else at first, but it's been so long since i saw the episode that shot was from that I forgot.


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